The barrels

Based on the different grape’s varieties being worked with, AnA Selection has developed specific barrel lines.

AnA Selection offers 4 ranges:

This allow each terroir’s potential to be revealed, the barrels must be increasingly precise and respectful, hearing out the most demanding winemakers.

A classic Luna barrel, three premium quality barrels, Venus, Terra and Sol, and finally, an exclusive barrel, “Plénitude.”

AnA Selection’s barrels are normally purposely designed for Bordeaux, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, but they can also work with other varieties, especially from the Rhone Valley, Syrah and Grenache.

The “Luna,” “Venus,” “Terra,” and “Sol” barrels are all available in different volumes:

-225 L Transport
-225 L Château Ferré
-225 L Château Tradition
-228 L Bourgogne Tradition
-300 L
-400 L
-500 L

The best Haute Futaies terroirs for the best wine growing terroir

In very limited quantities, the PLENITUDE barrel, available only in 225 L Château Tradition, is made from two and three hundred-year-old oaks from the greatest national terroirs and the most prestigious French forests.

This barrel is made exclusively from “parcels” of definitive cut oaks, the last of the most emblematic French forests.

A seasoning of minimum 36 months is necessary for these raw materials, signature of a quality criterion at the service of the expression of the greatest terroirs.

This barrel consists exclusively of lots of the Center, Pays de Loire, Ile de France, Picardy and royal forests such as Compiegne or Fontainebleau.

Freshness and respect for the fruit

The VENUS barrel is specifically designed to enhance fineness, elegance and freshness for wines from delicate terroirs.

The VENUS barrel’s specificity can be observed with the first few months of ageing, since increased freshness and volume quickly appears, all while providing tension.

An assemblage of specific forest, are necessary elements to design this high-precision barrel made for the most demanding winemakers.

Authenticity and opulence

Made from prestigious forest oak from center of France, the TERRA barrel makes the authentic contributions needed for aromatic
opulence in long-term ageing, providing fullness and “sweetness,” with great tannin elegance.

The end of ageing, integration takes place perfectly, with a blend of gentle spices and vanilla.

Balance and complexity

A barrel that provides great aromatic complexity, designed with different woods selected for the VENUS and TERRA products.

This barrel was designed for a perfect balance between freshness, complexity and aromatic richness.


The LUNA is a classic AnA Selection barrel, made from wood from different forests without grains selection.

Multi-purpose for all kinds of red and white wines, with a barrel style that brings complexity and integrates tannins.