The forest

The selection of a 4 generation family serving french oak

Managed by the CANADELL Company, stave supplies for the AnA Selection cooperage are rigorously selected and controlled at every step of production.

Staves are put into different classifications to ensure that the materials used can be reproduced, and to guarantee their inherent qualities. Years of experience are required in order to ensure precise selection of raw materials to make each barrel.

The fine grain and rigorous selection guarantee consistency in manufacturing AnA Selection barrels, in its total search for elegance and delicacy.

Each kind of barrel undergoes rigorous, specific assembly from different forests, depending on the desired style.

Since 1950, the CANADELL group has acted as an important asset in the French oak sector. It is regularly one of the top purchasers of oak wood according to the National Forest Office, which grants it diversity and regularity when purchasing standing woods.

Most of the staves used for AnA Selection barrels come from forests directly purchased and operated by Canadell group’s professionals.

The elegance and subtlety of AnA Selection’s barrels condition the wood selection from prestigious forests.