The stave

Deeming selection for high-quality barrels

Each “parcel” of forest is carefully selected to make the AnA Selection range of barrels.

The staves used by AnA Selection come from Hautes Futaies and are two to three hundred years old.

These materials, which are extremely delicate, require respect during each stage of manufacturing.

The staves are produced traditionally, respecting the wood’s grain for each stave to make a watertight barrel.

The first lock-and-groove operation consists of separating each quarter, which in turn contains two staves. This is the result of an initial quality selection.

The first inspections of AnA Selection barrels are carried out very early on parts that will be marketed within 4 years.

Staves and heads are perfectly traceable and delicately arranged, thanks to a specific stacking method to implement the strategic natural ageing stage that lasts for a minimum of 24 months.

This specific stacking method guarantees consistency and homogeneity in drying each piece. Only three or four staves are crossed on each other so that, during the drying operation, they can benefit from the effects of wind, sun and rain.

This rigorous operation, so strategic in making high-quality barrels, is exclusively carried out at the Canadell company’s two stave’s production facilities.

The Canadell company’s ageing plots are located in rural, natural settings, with privileged weather conditions for natural, high-precision drying. Each stack’s direction is specifically designed in each location based on the dominant winds, so that the most homogeneous exposure is guaranteed for each one.

A hydrometric test is conducted periodically to duly analyze drying evolution over the course of the seasons.